Century Arms Micro Draco AK-47 Pistol, Semi-Automatic, 7.62 x 39mm, 6.25″ Barrel, 30+1 Rounds

(46 customer reviews)


Century Arms®  Draco 7.62x39mm Semi-automatic Romanian AK Pistol.

  • Made in Romania, imported by Century Arms
  • 6.25″ barrel features 14×1 LH threading, and comes with an A2 birdcage installed
  • Laminate wood handguard, nicer than those you’d find on a standard WASR
  • Threaded muzzle with A2 birdcage
  • Includes one 30-rd. magazine
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Yes, it’s the smallest member of the Draco family, with a short 14.5″ overall length. It’s a blast to shoot (literally, if you like flash, you’ll love the  Draco), and it’s everything you’d expect from a Romanian build…with stamped receiver, durable finish, and solid performance.

Key Specifications

  • Item Number: 655739
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Barrel length: 6.25″ (including A2 birdcage)
  • Receiver: Stamped
  • Pistol grip: Romanian Bakelite
  • Sights (front / rear): Adjustable aperture
  • Handguard: Wood laminate
  • Flash hider: A2 birdcage
  • Overall length: 14.5″
  • Overall weight: 4.85 lbs.
  • Mfg. Number: HG2797N
  • UPC: 787450232792

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46 reviews for Century Arms Micro Draco AK-47 Pistol, Semi-Automatic, 7.62 x 39mm, 6.25″ Barrel, 30+1 Rounds

  1. Avatar of Dominique


    I shot 250 rounds no jams, this is a great gun to have in your collection. Fast shipping as always.

  2. Avatar of Christopher


    I love the gun and the caliber! only wish it had the mounting bracket on side for scope mount for red dot. And American armory is always top notch with inventory, prices, and speed of shipping! American armory is my go to for purchasing firearms! I’ll be back!

  3. Avatar of Abigail


    Love my Micro Draco!! It’s fun to shoot and scares the living crap out of folks at the range! Lol

  4. Avatar of Robert U

    Robert U

    Purchase this gun from american armory with no issue came on time and on MINT CONDITION ,had to cut the box open and everything…
    You guys have a lifetime supporter

  5. Avatar of Kacey


    No issues what so ever with this gun. Fun to shoot. easy to clean. Loud as hell.

  6. Avatar of MichaelEmoky


    Built very well, very impressed. Finish is what you would expect from american armory. Barrel is chrome lined, and everything looked straight out of the box. Nice little fireball range toy, would recommend!

  7. Avatar of progony


    Best deal, very happy great service

  8. Avatar of Wales Frell

    Wales Frell

    Just an awesome range toy. 0 issues from american armory fast and friendly service as usual.

  9. Avatar of Aurora goore

    Aurora goore

    Great price! Very good quality, fast delivery!! I’ll be back to buy more ASAP:. Thank you for your service

  10. Avatar of Jessie foory

    Jessie foory

    Extremely fun to shoot what a wonderful fun to have

  11. Avatar of Jeffrey Wrona

    Jeffrey Wrona

    Great Gun! And Great service every time when you shop with american armory.

  12. Avatar of Bali V

    Bali V

    fun gun lots of bang for the buck

  13. Avatar of alice


    Great service from american armory every time. Micro arrived in a timely manner in flawless condition. Very fun to shoot at the range. Magpul magazine has the best fit. Do not get Tapco magazines as they are extremely hard to fit into the micro draco especially if you are a female with smaller hands like myself. All in all great firearm. 110+ rounds through it without any issues!

  14. Avatar of Candice Quare

    Candice Quare

    Love this firearm. It’s so fun to shoot. Believe it or not its fairly accurate too. I’ve had not one single problem with it. It cycles both steel case and brass with no issues. Hope the rest of you experience the same as well. Happy shooting to ya. Thank you american armory for great service as always.

  15. Avatar of fen_kast


    Really like the gun and really like the service I get from american armory. I have always had the best service with american armory and will continue to buy from them. As for the Micro Draco, It is as I expected. I nice Romanian made micro Ak 47 Pistol.

  16. Avatar of Edward Sycle

    Edward Sycle

    I’m absolutely satisfied with my purchase from american armory, and I don’t think that I will ever order from any other place. I took full advantage of their layaway, and competitive prices. I recommend that anyone looking for a firearm start with american armory.

  17. Avatar of Maxim RoW

    Maxim RoW

    First buy from american armory and they have all my business for now on. Great customer service, fast shipping, and excellent product. This micro is a very fun gun, have had zero failures.

  18. Avatar of Charles Dex

    Charles Dex

    Ordered Monday night and it arrived Thursday afternoon… will definitely be doing a lot more shopping with american armory!!!!!

  19. Avatar of Matthew Wic

    Matthew Wic

    Perfect packaging and condition. Arrived on time. I will always order from american armory.

  20. Avatar of Kevin Gar

    Kevin Gar

    Another great purchase from american armory.. I love it

  21. Avatar of sambateria


    I like this baby elephant gun. It’s really small and compact, not much wider than a 5 gal bucket lid. It is not accurate at all but I’m sure that’s not the point. It does however go bang every trigger pull and quite comfortably considering the massive power in your hands. I always wanted one of these and while I don’t think they are worth 600 plus dollars they are a blast to shoot and that price has held steady for about a year so might as well grab one. The fireball that comes out the barrel is very impressive!

  22. Avatar of Michael gaf

    Michael gaf

    This Micro is scary fun! All of my friends have a hell of a time shooting this Micro Draco! Just a great time all around. So much fun to shoot, I am at a loss for words! american armory was as always super fast. Thanks american armory!

  23. Avatar of Ronald ved

    Ronald ved

    Awesome gun fast shipping definitely will return for more guns from you guys thanks

  24. Avatar of Wallace Prubs

    Wallace Prubs

    100% for the Micro Draco. tight fit, great finish,.rivets great, internals great, all matched numbered part’s.and nice laminated wood front grip’s.came with two plastic Tapco mags, {tight fit no wobble} and the complete gun is not a rattler, parts all tight fit and well done, and a nice non weld flash hider. .looks like finally Cugir got it all together on this model. the smallest production AK you can get, Every AK guy should have one. some may hoot and holler NO WAY! get one it will change you forever. five star here.

  25. Avatar of Igra N

    Igra N

    The perfect sized AK pistol. Definitely a great purchase!!

  26. Avatar of Carnival


    I shot 250 rounds no jams, this is a great gun to have in your collection. Fast shipping as always.

  27. Avatar of Gustavo Smith

    Gustavo Smith

    Worked great, top notch quality and fast shipping.

  28. Avatar of AlenaKt


    Came in quick great for the collection

  29. Avatar of Juan M

    Juan M

    Great range gun no jams it’s very loud live it

  30. Avatar of Christopher


    The ak47 Draco pistol is a unique fusion of a real firearm and a toy. This is an original design that is sure to impress your friends and family with its realistic look and feel. It’s the feel of a gun in your hand, the way it sounds when you pull the trigger, how it looks and no crazy recoil. One of my favorites! 10 out of 10!

  31. Avatar of land shafT

    land shafT

    Came in quick,put about 160 rounds in it and what a beauty and monster this draco is. I recommend it to anyone who loves ak’s.

  32. Avatar of Luis D

    Luis D

    Lo mejor que e comprado me encanta

  33. Avatar of GLORY_jtSn


    this thing is bad ass!! So much fun to shoot! Great support fast shipping, american armory is the best!!

  34. Avatar of chaisah


    A must shoot. You need to have it in your safe. Very customizable… 5 ⭐

  35. Avatar of Saha


    Haven’t shot this thing yet but it’s built like a tank I trust american armory & I’ve never been disappointed with any of my purchases from these guys I’m definitely a life time customer

  36. Avatar of Sahabet__wtel


    I love my Draco fit perfect my book bag , quick delivery less then 4 days

  37. Avatar of Sahabet__rksr


    american armory is my #1 first choice gun store to buy a gun, if they, don’t have what I want in stock I will buy from another gun store

  38. Avatar of Iskusstven_biKa


    Awesome fun shooting this at the range!!

  39. Avatar of CalexianCON


    I was excited to know product was very well produced

  40. Avatar of alipaa


    amazing Ak super fun lots of muzzle flash!!

  41. Avatar of Merledot


    Got it this morning and I love it fast shipping

  42. Avatar of LarryCab


    This is the REAL DEAL. They are pretty rare and one of the funnest and most head-turning guns out there! Freaking love mine! Buy one you won’t regret it!

  43. Avatar of Buren


    Just got mine today took only 3 days to get to me nice was new I would recommend it looks like it’s going be fun to shoot thanks american armory…

  44. Avatar of Burenie_sbkt


    This piece is a unit! It’s a blast to shoot and a head turner at the range. Would definitely purchase again

  45. Avatar of Debbie


    Gun was ordered and immediately sent to FFL dealer. The dealer received the gun the next day and it was ready for pickup. The gun was in excellent condition and the service was superior. I will definitely do business with American Armory in the future and I highly recommend them.

  46. Avatar of Teresita


    Arrived new with fast shipping. Smooth transaction and I was a first time buyer but american armory is now my go to for all gun needs!

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